How many images will we get for a portrait session?

For every session it is completely different depending on the location, amount of people, weather and lighting. However we like to guarantee no less than 40 images for every hour of portrait coverage.

Can we print these out on our own?

We recommend printing through our professional lab so the color and quality of your images turn out how we originally intended. But you are welcome to do as you please. We’ll include a print release form so when you take them somewhere else for printing it is permitted.


Can we make further edits to your photos?

This is actually a great question… Glad you asked!  First off, we can’t stop you from being creative and showing off your fancy editing skillz. So YES, you can do this but we will frown in disapproval like jaded artists or better yet like parents wishing their kids could see into the future. lol

It happens though from time to time when we look on Facebook and see our images that have been edited further by previous clients. It’s so easy to forget what you paid for with all those free photo editing apps at your finger tips.


Why does your photography cost more than others?

Most stories we have heard from people about photographers they have used in the past haven’t always been the greatest experiences. If you go price shopping for photographers without any desire for a quality style you will soon realize that it’s literally all over the place with how much things “really” cost. And if you do your homework right, you will quickly learn that most businesses are not paying taxes or working full time in their field to know how much things really should cost.

We value delivering a quality service to all of our clients rather than just getting a ton of people through the door every year. We also feel like our work is pretty unique and hard to come by. Hopefully it speaks for itself.


What days and times are you available for portraits?

Tuesdays and Thursdays usually work best for us. This does change from time to time so please inquire with us about it. We recommend shooting closer to sunset when the lighting is nice and soft. Mornings work too if you can lose the sleepy face.


Can we combine portrait sessions?

Yes, but we recommend that each session be designated for the appropriate amount of time so you’re left with a good amount of photos.


Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, we are available to travel wherever your wedding would have us go.


What are your traveling fees?

For traveling outside of Florida within the United States we usually charge a flat rate of $1,000 to cover all our traveling expenses. However, if you are in a unique location or needing us for additional time it may vary.

All local portrait sessions must be anywhere between Boynton Beach and Fort Lauderdale to not incur traveling fees. All portrait sessions in West Palm Beach or Miami require a flat rate of $250. Please inquire about other unique locations of interest for your portrait session.

All local weddings must be anywhere between West Palm Beach and Miami to not incur traveling fees. Please inquire about other unique locations for your wedding.


How do we book you for our wedding?

First, contact us to see if we are available for your wedding date. If so, then we require a 50% retainer fee along with a signed agreement to book your wedding date. The only way for us to keep track of inquiries and book dates is to have it on a first come, first serve basis. By this, we mean, the first one to make the deposit and sign gets the date.


What type of gear do you shoot with?

Canon 5d Mark II’s and III’s.


What are the best times to take photos on a wedding day?

Picking out the right times to take photos and scheduling it to work within your itinerary can be a challenge. This is an area that we can further consult with you on after your date is booked. Our goal through all of this is to make the most of our time and make sure that you enjoy your wedding day!

Generally speaking though, it’s better to have the majority of our time spent while it’s still daylight. This will maximize our opportunity to take more shots, be creative and get more color from the natural light.


Should we see each other before the ceremony?

We are somewhat bias when it comes to this question because we’re all about getting great photos and having the wedding day be less stressful and more enjoyable. So we would totally encourage you to plan a first look before the wedding ceremony begins. We’ll promise to make it intimate and special, just like you have always envisioned it to be. If you do this, it will give us more time to schedule for taking creative pictures, calm your wedding day nerves and give you more time to enjoy with friends and family.


Should we get engagement photos?

We love shooting engagement sessions! Feeling comfortable and having fun is a huge part to capturing good photos. Let’s face it, most people do not feel comfortable when getting their picture taken, especially from a photographer with a big fancy camera who you’ve never met before. Engagement sessions seem to eliminate all of this unnecessary stress. It gives us an opportunity to get to know each other, be ourselves, have a good time, get some awesome pictures and really prepare us for the wedding day. So yes, we always recommend having an engagement session.


What should we wear for an engagement session?

Matching wool Christmas sweaters! JK black and white only! JK about that too. We always tell people to dress in what makes them feel good. If none of your clothes make you feel good then go buy some new ones. If wearing new clothes doesn’t do anything for you then go to a thrift shop and get some fun outfits that will. Either way, wear something that identifies you.

On another note remember that accessories, clothes and hair styles all give us an idea of what time frame the picture was taken. So keep that in mind before you slap on your calculator watch! But if that is you thing (cause it is mine), then go for it! Just be yourself!


What type of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.


Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have all the proper coverages for professional photographers through Hill & Usher and The Hartford.


Do you have back-up gear in case something breaks?

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! We wouldn’t be wedding photographers without it.


Do you have a safe way for backing up our wedding photos?

We shoot our images mirrored to dual cards. Once the shoot is complete we keep those cards separate from each other. One set on us and the other in our bags. Once we get back to the office that evening we back up all the files to our Drobo which makes several duplicate copies of the files and monitors the health of each drive should anything fail. Once all the files get to our local drives they are immediately uploaded to our secure cloud based backup which has multiple locations and drive monitoring systems. So yeah we are pretty tight on keeping our photos safe and secure.