Jonathan Connolly grew up dreaming and drawing. With a love for art he pursued a career in graphic design while obtaining his degree in Missions. He went on to become an Art Director at a marketing and advertising agency in South Florida. He gained most of his experience collaborating and designing for several Fortune 500 clients on a daily basis, including ExxonMobil, General Motors and CocaCola. In 2007 he picked up his first DSLR and never let go. His craving for photography quickly took over which led to the inception of Jonathan Connolly Photography. Today, Jonathan and his team run a full-time wedding photography studio and photo booth rental company in South Florida.



Our style stems from our roots. It can be defined as creative, natural, timeless, minimalistic and real. We are a collection of artists first and photographers second. Art has always been a part of who we are at the core and photography has simply been a means through which we express it. Our approach to capturing photos is surprisingly simple. We focus on being unobtrusive and photojournalistic. It’s unposed and authentic to what’s really happening in the moment. Our goal is to not make our clients feel like they need to perform or act on their wedding day. We desire for our clients to remember and experience their day in the moment and not just in the photos.



Therefore, we do it all with excellence, passion, humility and joy. We desire to give our clients an experience they will never forget by preserving life’s most precious memories. The moments we capture happen in milliseconds. Moments that sometimes the eye cannot see or comprehend. Moments that are here today and gone tomorrow. In many respects, we are visual historians telling stories for future generations to come, including your children and grandchildren. What legacy will you leave behind for others? When you start thinking of photography in this way, it starts bringing on a whole new meaning to your wedding day. It’s an investment that continues to get sweeter as the years go on.


Everyone enjoys hearing a good love story. How two people meet for the first time, how they fall in love, how he proposes and how she responds but ultimately the greatest chapter of a couples story is their wedding day. It’s a day when 2 out of 6 billion people decide to commit their lives together and become one forever. Those are the days we live for. Those are the moments where we infuse our creativity with your love story and preserve the greatest chapter of your life.



We believe it is our purpose To Serve & Inspire Others by Artistic Visual Storytelling. We would be honored to tell your story. Every year we do a limited run of weddings for our clients. We’re not at all about volume. We’re all about providing a quality service to our clients and living quality lives. There is a very good chance we might be booked up for the year. So we strongly recommend checking with us for your date and inquiring to see how full our schedule is for the year. Contact us to find out more.

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