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Choosing Your Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer

How do you want to remember your wedding day? This special day is never to be forgotten: it is a treasure that you will hold with you for the rest of your life. It’s true that those memories will be imprinted on your mind and heart. However, reminiscing is best done when flipping through that beautiful wedding album. For your wedding, you want to find an Asheville, NC wedding photographer that can truly capture your style and personality as couple, someone whose work envelopes all of those wonderful feelings in a single shot. If you’re looking for an Asheville wedding photographer, keep reading. Today, I’ll show you exactly what you need to know about an Asheville wedding and the photographer who will be capturing memories for you on your special day.

The Best Wedding Photographers in Asheville Know This


Stunning landscapes make for incredible backdrops, and Asheville has plenty of that to offer. This eclectic town and the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains give couples all the options that they could ask for. Whether you’re looking for a small, intimate wedding, a country farm backdrop, a modern, chic wedding, or a luxurious wedding with hundreds of guests, Asheville is the place for you. From these different styles and options, you can plan a wedding that is purely built from your own personality and style. The Asheville wedding photographer that you’re looking for won’t simply ‘take pictures’. These are memories that you are creating and and capturing, moments in time that you are saving for the rest of your life together. That’s why the best wedding photographer goes beyond just shooting pictures. He knows your style, understands your personality, and can capture it in his photos. Starting with your engagement photos in Asheville and leading up to your beautiful Asheville wedding photography, you deserve memories that are 100% you!

What You Should Know About an Asheville, NC Wedding

Wedding Venues in Asheville that Say YOU


Do you have dreams of a gorgeous country wedding on a rustic, family-run farm? Or do you imagine sharing your reception in a modern loft with chic design? Maybe you’ve thought about being a Biltmore bride, with a historic building as the backdrop for a large wedding. Whatever your dream setting is, Asheville has something to provide. There are many different wedding venues in Asheville that speak to different types of brides. This means you’re guaranteed to find a wedding venue in Asheville that fits your personality and exceeds your fantasy wedding. Remember: your chosen venue should be adapted to you, not the other way around. To truly take advantage of that venue, however, you’ll also need a photographer who can bring out the best of that venue in his photos.

Finding Your Asheville, NC Wedding Style


Are you a country bride? A modern bride? A traditional bride? Asheville wedding styles cross the whole spectrum, allowing you to pick the setting, decorations, and atmosphere that best suits your individual personality. A traditional wedding is at home here in Asheville, with plenty of gorgeous, traditional venues and a sweet, romantic atmosphere within the town itself. A country wedding also finds a place in Asheville, offering you organic products for meals and favors, locally-grown flowers, and the Blue Ridge Mountains as your backdrop. Or, maybe you’re looking for something a bit more unique. Asheville is home to some beautiful B&Bs and other venues that are the perfect place for a small, intimate wedding or elopement. This spot is also a great place to add some funk to your wedding. Asheville is home to a community of artists, and the River Arts District offers you a warehouse-turned-canvas as a background for some fantastic indie wedding photography. Don’t forget, Asheville is also the perfect location for that fairytale wedding. With venues like the Biltmore and Homewood, you can truly feel like royalty on your wedding day.

Take Advantage of All Four Seasons in Asheville


The best Asheville, NC wedding photographer knows that the seasons can play a big part in your photos. In Asheville, you can use the weather to your advantage and create wedding photography that captures the moment and the season. In springtime, you’ll see the Blue Ridge Mountains burst with life as new flowers bloom and the hillsides turn a verdant green. Summers are comfortable without being too hot, providing a lovely climate for an outdoor wedding. In fall, the colors change once again, cascading an array of red, orange, and yellow across the landscape. This is one of our favorite times of year to capture wedding photography, playing with the foliage to create a brilliant collage of colors in your wedding album. Winters in Asheville are mild, allowing you to enjoy a cozy indoor wedding, perhaps even with a dusting of snow outside.

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Choosing the Right Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer for You


Selecting the right wedding photographer for your big day is an extremely important decision, one where you can’t afford to make mistakesYou want someone who will truly understand your personality and can bring that out in your pictures. Looking back on that precious wedding album, you don’t want to see just posed shots and forced smiles. The best wedding photographer is someone who goes beyond taking poses: you want someone who can truly capture those special moments. For example, think about your first look, the moment when your father is walking you down the aisle, or that unforgettable first dance. The beautiful emotions and sentiments of those once-in-a-lifetime moments should be captured in a way that they will last a lifetime. That’s why Jonathan Connolly Photography is your best option for Asheville wedding photography. We have the experience needed to process all the different items in your wedding day, and we know your wedding location so well that we can guide you to the best spots for your wedding photography. But more than that, we provide you with wedding photography that is real, timeless, and envelopes everything that your wedding day should mean.

Turn Your Wedding Photos into Your Legacy


Think of a moment, many years from now, when you’re pulling that old wedding album off the shelf. These are the photos that your children and grandchildren will look at some day, the pictures that encompass the memories of your wedding day. This day is the beginning of your legacy as a couple, and as a family. We can make sure that your wedding photographs become part of that legacy. With the Jonathan Connolly Photography team by your side, you’ll have everything you need to keep your wedding memories safe for a lifetime, and more! Get in contact with us today to talk about your Asheville wedding photography, or take a look at our portfolio and see what we can do to make your special day truly extraordinary.

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