Cheeca Lodge Wedding Photography

This was probably one of my favorite Cheeca Lodge weddings so far. Nicole and Joe flew in from Connecticut with about 25 close friends and family members. I can’t tell you how nice it is to shoot a small wedding. They treat you like royalty! At least Nicole and Joe did. :) I must say, they were REALLY sweet people. Marie (My Wife) is from Connecticut so maybe that has something to do with it. We took a lot of pointers from this wedding and implemented it into ours a few months later. If you want some tips for your upcoming wedding – Keep it small, go to the beach, don’t be stressed, where cool outfits, break some traditions and don’t do everything the same way, get musicians that can play instruments and hire a good photographer. ;) Check out their Cheeca Lodge wedding photography below:

They ended up getting an custom album with their order as well. I love when clients get albums! There is something about seeing your entire wedding day in a really nice book! They went with the 10×10″ leather bound 40 page coffee table book with an image in glass on the cover. Trust me when you hold one of these in your hand it does something to you inside. :) In a future post I will have to explain the design process behind all my albums and how the albums are produced. In the mean time check out a few shots of their final product.

  • Mary Morden

    March 20, 2011at12:29 am Reply

    A-MAZING!!!! Love the album…love the pictures. Great job Jonathan.

  • Donna Connolly

    March 20, 2011at10:37 pm Reply

    Superb!!! Such vision! Captured it so well!

  • Jonathan Connolly

    March 22, 2011at12:32 am Reply

    You two are my biggest fans right now! Well… Aside from Marie of course.

  • Jillian Tree

    April 8, 2011at8:49 pm Reply

    beautiful wedding! my favs are the one of her hugging him & her passing off her flowers to the flowergirl :)

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