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Finding Your Perfect Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life.


That’s why it’s especially important to do your homework: ask the right questions, find those answers, and find the perfect city for your perfect day.  


You want to be sure you choose the right venue, time of year, photographer, caterer, and everything in between. Leave no stone unturned!


Greenville, SC, weddings are as beautiful as they come. Let a team of professional photographers lead you through our favorite reasons why.

The Best Wedding Photographers in Greenville Know This

The best wedding photographer for any given city is fully informed and knowledgeable when it comes to weddings in the area. They know the best time of year for weddings, the best venues, and the best way to capture your special moments.


Greenville is abounding with beautiful scenery and venues that make capturing your biggest moment on film that much easier. It’s not just about the quaint Main Street or that sweet southern hospitality: Greenville offers so much more for couples.


Whether you’re looking for engagement photography or wedding photography in Greenville, SC, the perfect backdrop is just waiting for you. From that quintessential downtown area, to the natural beauty just beyond the town itself, Greenville can fit any wedding style.


At Jonathan Connolly Photography, we believe that photography is an art. Forcing you to perform or act on your wedding day for a good picture simply isn’t our style. Taking a unobtrusive and photojournalistic approach to your events lets us capture the special seconds as they truly are — fully authentic and captivating.


What You Should Know About a Greenville, SC Wedding

Wedding Venues in Greenville, SC


Having your wedding in Greenville, SC makes the job of finding a venue much simpler. Why do we say so? Because here you’ll find a variety of wedding venues that run the complete spectrum from luxurious to rustic to chic, and everything in between!

Imagine having your wedding in a venue nestled into the foothills of Paris Mountain, complimented by open, natural spaces and romantic interior areas. Or, what about a downtown loft inside a historic building? You’ll also find rooftop gardens, a repurposed textile mill, several grand southern estates, a cozy cottage, a rustic winery, and so much more!  


Just picture in your mind each of these different settings, and you’ll see why this Greenville, SC wedding photographer is in love with capturing the best moments of your wedding here!

Best Greenville Wedding Styles


Although the downtown area is quickly modernizing, a traditional and rustic feel still encompasses the city of Greenville.


One of the most common wedding styles in this southern state is an elegant rustic wedding. Many brides opt for a “do it yourself” style of decoration, strongly featuring wood, stone, glass jars, and candles. Rustic weddings can be stunning and are easy to accomplish in Greenville. The hundreds of acres of open land and old-style architecture make Greenville the perfect place for this wedding style.


However, even a more chic and modern bride will find her place here in Greenville. With a quaint but bustling downtown and some very modern venues, wedding photography in Greenville easily fits a contemporary wedding style.


The traditional bride will also feel at home here with beautiful colonial estates and that lovely southern charm.


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Using Nature as the Perfect Backdrop


Of course, one of our favorite parts of wedding photography in Greenville, SC involves wandering away from the downtown scene.


The town of Greenville is nestled perfectly in the Blue Ridge Mountain Range. This makes it an excellent place to blend nature’s best into the backdrop of your wedding photography.


Using stunning mountain vistas, the calming beauty of the Jocassee Lake, or romance under one of the many waterfalls that grace this area, we can create wedding photography that will last a lifetime.


Choosing the Right Greenville Wedding Photographer for You


We believe that wedding photography does more than just freeze moments in time. It can inspire others through an artistic storytelling of your most special day.


Something to think about are your priorities when it comes to photography. There are a number of mistakes you can make when choosing a photographer. I have heard time and time again that people regret choosing the best “package” over the best photographer. Don’t become them!


Think about this: how does the photographer get their photos? Are they going to make you do awkward poses all day long, or are they going to get a feel for what is natural for you? Will they give you that special first look photography?


And, when you look back on those wedding pictures, what will you see?


Remember, these are much more than pictures: these are the memories of one of the most important days of your life.


That’s why your best Greenville, SC wedding photographer should do much more than simply take pictures. Instead, he will use his knowledge of photography and his understanding of your unique style and personality to create authentic photos that capture your special moments.


Here are Jonathan Connolly Photography, this is exactly what we do.

 Turn Your Wedding Photos into a Lifetime of Memories


Everyone loves a love story. But your favorite love story will always be your own.


Your Greenville wedding photography are essential pieces to that story. And for the generations to come, these wedding pictures will remain part of your heritage, your legacy.


Let us create wedding photography that tells your story, the way you want it told.


At Jonathan Connolly Photography, we can help you capture a love story infused with your most precious moments and seasoned with our experience and creativity.


To learn more about this Greenville, SC wedding photographer, take a look at our FAQ page to answer any questions you might have about our wedding photography service. Or get in contact with us today to start planning your perfect wedding photography.

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