10 mistakes brides make when hiring a wedding photographer

10 Mistakes Brides Make When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Let’s face it your wedding day is a pretty big deal. Learning how to hire a wedding photographer may seem overwhelming at first. No one wants to ever look back on their wedding day and regret their decisions.


Especially when it comes to wedding photography!


When it’s all said and done… The photos are all you have left to remember your day. We’ve gathered this list from real brides who shared their biggest regrets when hiring a wedding photographer.


This article isn’t in any way to scare you. Instead, we just want to help you make an informed decision about hiring a wedding photographer.


So here is our list of mistakes brides have made when hiring a photographer:


1. We chose the best package over the best photographer.

What’s included in a package can sometimes be enticing. Don’t let the deliverables (full day coverage, albums, extra shooters, print credit) keep you from choosing someone who’s work you love more. The real value isn’t in the tangible goods but rather the memories you get.


2. We wanted real moments instead we had to do awkward poses.

Sometimes you can pick this up just by the photos but it wouldn’t hurt to ask the photographer to explain how they get their shots. This will give you a better idea if their all about capturing real moments or fabricating them by making you act things out. Most people find it uncomfortable taking direction and doing things that don’t come naturally.


3. We should have spent more time researching our photographer.

Don’t rush the process of researching and interviewing photographers. Give them time to get back with you can be patient until you’re confident in your decision.


Read the reviews – Don’t just look at star ratings. Read what people are actually saying from multiple review sites especially those you find on your own. Let their clients be the ones to give you insight as to how they work. After reading from several different photographers you can tell which are real or fake.


Personality – Jump on a call to make sure you get along and enjoy their personality. The last thing you want is some weirdo following you around all day while your trying to have a good time. Wanting to avoid your photographer won’t make for great photos.


Years of Experience – So often photographers can put up a site and make an appearance like they’ve been doing this forever but the vast majority of photographers haven’t been doing it very long. Choose someone who has years of experience and it will give you the confidence you’re looking for to get the job done professionally.


View galleries – We only looked at their best portfolio work and instead of full galleries from real clients.


Ask to see full galleries from real weddings to get an idea of what a normal wedding will look like. Photographers shoot a lot and are able to only showcase their best in a way that might not be accurate to what


4. We should have created a wedding day timeline and stuck to it.

Make sure to create a timeline for the day and approve it with your photographer. Then stick to it as best you can that way you have enough time to get all the shots you want.

Check out this Free Wedding Day Timeline Template to figure out the perfect schedule for your wedding day.


5. We took a chance on someone new and should have hired a professional.

If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. Getting a deal works for somethings in life but not everything. Getting a bargain from someone means their desperate or just getting started.


6. We had our ceremony close to sunset and didn’t do a first look.

There are photography benefits to doing a first look. Make sure to consider if doing a first look is right for you and what your photographer thinks is best.


Check out these Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Do A First Look on your wedding day.


7. We squeezed our photography budget in order to get a video.

If your working on a budget try to invest in what is more valuable to you. Getting a great photographer is better than getting decent photos and video.


8. We chose a trendy photographer.

“Now looking back years later we wish we went with a timeless look.”


Trends come and go and their hard to identify in their current day because everyone does it and it appears normal. You don’t want to look back on something years from now and regret hiring a photographer that was offering a fad.


9. We waited until the last minute to hire a photographer.

Make sure to start looking early so your options are plenty. You don’t want to keep getting turned down by photographers who no longer have your date available. You want to be the one with the upper hand.


10. We made an emotional decision in choosing a photographer and had buyers remorse.

Don’t feel pressured into making a decision on the spot. So many people will book their photographer within 1-2 weeks of finding them. Give it time to take everything into consideration and weigh out all your options. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you.


Most brides will get way more time than they actually need. Don’t pay for more than you need and don’t skimp out to rush through things. You can always add on more time the closer you get to your wedding day.



If you’re still looking around for a wedding photographer don’t give up. Be patient and don’t rush the process.


Instead, we prefer you to dig around and find someone you love rather than just settling with what comes your way!

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