Letterpress Business Cards

So I am thrilled to show off these new business cards! They are not completely finished yet but definitely worth showing off the first phase of this project. I have been debating for a long time now on what type of material and print process to run with. Originally my intentions were to do something similar like the dvd cases but I wanted them to be unique and a bit more timeless. After gathering tons of inspiration online and by getting samples from every printer I know, letterpress business cards just kept calling my name. If you know anything about letterpress printing, it is a pretty expensive but is becoming very popular, especially for wedding invitations. In a nut shell – Individual metal plates are made out of the design for each color and or impression. Depending on the complexity of the design, will determine how many times your card will have to pass through the printer. Since I wanted a very clean and minimalistic card, I ended up running with Hoban Press. They did an awesome job, at an awesome price. Also, I used Cranes Lettra 220lb in fluorescent white. This material is 100% cotton (does not mean you can wash or dry) and leaves a great impression on the card and the person you hand it to. :)

As for the design, I kept it very clean. Logo on the front and only the important info on the back. After creating and handing out so many business cards, I find that most cards have way too much information on them (less is more). If the purpose of your card more like a flyer that you could throw around at conventions or on car windows, then that would be different. In my case, the person I am usually handing the card to has already established an understanding of what I do. If they haven’t, then hopefully the creativity of the card would lead them to check out my site and figure out more. As for the typeface, I went with a classic Helvetica and how could I not forget to leave out the all important bird. The plan from here, is to add some brass grommets and black twine. That should just about wrap it up. I’ll update you with the final look in the near future.


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Now if you don’t believe me that a business card is important then hear it from the pro himself. :)

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