Jonathan ConnollyHi, I’m Jonathan, a photographer and owner of Jonathan Connolly Photography and Photog Booth. I’ve been running our photography business for 10+ years and have lots experience doing branding & marketing for several fortune 500 companies including Mobil 1, General Motors, Coca-Cola, etc. We’ve been featured in places like The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, etc. I personally thrive in the start-up stages and love helping entrepreneurs go from 0-1. I have a strong passion for helping photographers and artists start and grow their ideas. At the end of the day, its about Making Your Ideas Happen! So that’s enough about me. Lets talk about how we can help you succeed!

Recorded Mentoring Session

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For a limited time only we’re offering Mentoring Sessions for any amateur, semi-pro or professional photographers. These mentoring sessions are ideal for those interested in starting or growing their business. We can cover almost any topic you’re interested in. No question is too big or too small. We don’t claim to know everything but we’re confident you’ll get a lot of value from your session. So much so, if you’re not 100% satisfied we’ll give you your money back!

What do I get?

• 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

• Ask us as many questions you want and we’ll provide honest direct feedback

• Session includes one 30-60min Audio/Video recording by Jonathan Connolly

• Action steps you need to take next to accomplish your most important goals

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does it Work?

1. Choose the One-on-One Mentoring Session product from our shop and proceed to checkout.

2. You’ll receive a confirmation email of your recent purchase along with a form to fill out.

3. Submit the form back to us with all of your questions.

4. Within 24-48hrs we’ll send you a personalized recording packed full of awesomeness!


What Kind of Questions can I ask?

Seriously ask us anything you want! We’re an open book. Typically we cover common questions about weddings, photography, shooting, camera gear, workflow, editing, natural lighting, strobe lighting, portfolio reviews, website critiques, branding, marketing, business, sales & pricing, seo, social media, communication, customer service, networking, etc.

If it’s any topic we’re unfamiliar with we’ll be sure to gather that info from you in the form and try to let you know ahead of time.


Do I have to meet of jump on the phone?

No. This is intended to not waste any of your time. We want you to unload all your questions to us that you’re struggling with and we’ll use all of our time to prep and record a response for you. That way you have something to come back to and listen to over and over again.


Can this session include a portfolio or website review?

Yes. We have the capability to do screen recordings so part of the session can include us going through your website or work and giving you honest feedback on things you can do better.


I Just Purchased a Session but didn’t receive an email

After your purchase you should receive an email confirmation automatically. Make sure to check your spam and wait at least 10 minutes. Once we receive the form back from you we’ll get right on it.

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