New Custom Chipboard DVD Packaging

So these dvd packages took a little time to research but it was definitely worth the adventure! I am sooo excited to be giving out all this new promo material. My branding is finally all coming together and it feels oh so good! I took some photos for you to see with the macro 100mm. I really love the look of chipboard packaging with black ink either screen printed, letterpressed or stamped with ink directly on top. I searched long and hard but kept coming back to Stump Town Printers for my chipboard dvd cases. Simon Stamps made all my custom stamps. Their turn around time is great and their prices seemed to be really good. All I had to do was send them a .psd file set to the appropriate size and they did the rest. I did all my dvd 4/c printing through Blank Media Printing. I have done cd/dvd printing before through several other companies and this one, by far was the best company I have ever used. They literally showed up at my door in two days! As for the twine, jean button, hot glue gun, cutting board etc. That was all bought locally at either a Michael’s or Jo-Ann Fabric. The bags are still a work in progress. Hopefully there will be a follow up post to this in the near future when everything is complete. I was really close to buying a sewing machine but my wife started getting a little concerned. So I’m taking a small break from the arts and crafts. In the mean time check em’ out! Oh and let me not forget to give credit to the most important part of this whole thing. The calligraphy artist, Jordan Jelev for creating my fancy new signature/logo. This guys work is amazing! He hand draws and creates mostly high end wine labels but he graciously helped me out with my logo and I couldn’t be happier with the results!


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  • Lois Snyder

    October 5, 2011at12:10 am Reply

    Looks great!

  • Catherine

    October 27, 2011at11:52 pm Reply

    So some how i came along your site, and man i love your new branding ! Im in the process of basically creating my brand as well so this is really encouraging !

    • Jonathan Connolly

      October 28, 2011at12:05 pm Reply

      Thank you so much! That is encouraging to hear! A lot of time and effort has been put into it so far. But it is nice to see it all come together. Hope your re-branding process goes well for you.

  • ieva

    May 10, 2012at9:58 pm Reply

    Just lovely

  • leisa

    July 21, 2012at10:38 pm Reply

    Can you tell me what exactly you purchased from stumpdown printers to put the dvd in? I have been on their website and I am unsure what to purchase, love your idea and I am trying to get what you have for your dvd. Thank You

    • Jonathan Connolly

      August 24, 2012at9:28 am Reply

      Yes, I got the 4 panel chipboard set. The only thing I didn’t notice was you have to put them together yourself with a hot glue gun.

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