photo booth



This booth was designed for those who can’t stand the cheesy photo booths. No goofy props just good looking people. We’ll make you and your guests look like celebrities. Try it out!


• Professional Attendant

• Slim Open Air Design

• Pro Camera & Studio Lighting

• Unlimited Photos

• B&W Filter

• Sharing via Email or Text*

• Shareable Online Gallery

• 4×6 Instant Prints

• No Props

• White Backdrop


*Terms & Policies: FL State Sales Tax may apply. Venue Wifi access required for Instant Sharing. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I reserve your photo booth for my date?
It’s only $100 down to reserve your date. You can contact us directly with any questions or reach out to Photog Booth directly and let them know we sent you. We started this business and they know exactly what our clients are looking for!


What is an “Open-Air” Photo Booth?
An open-air photo booth means you don’t have to squeeze inside a traditional closed-in booth. Instead the open-air concept allows you to quickly get more people in and out of the booth providing you with more memories at the end of the night.


How many photos can we take?
There is no limit to the amount of photos taken. Your guests will be given an unlimited amount of sessions within the active time your photo booth is running at the event.


How long does printing take?
Its pretty fast! After a session is complete it only takes about 10 seconds for each print to come out.


Do you provide props?
No, this particular booth we chose is meant to be simple, elegant and prop free. If you’d like a different type of photo booth with props check out Photog Booth to see all the different types of photo booths they offer.


Do you provide different backdrops?

This booth comes with a clean white backdrop. If you’d like to have another type of backdrop we recommend contacting Photog Booth who has tons of creative backdrops.


How much space does the photo booth need?
We require 9′ x 9′ x 9′ space with a traditional (3-pronged) power outlet within range of the booth.


Can I use the Photo Booth outside?
To meet our high standards 100% of the time we require this particular photo booth for indoor use only. If your event is outdoors contact Photog Booth to see what other options might be available.


Do you offer social sharing?
Yes! The fastest and most secure way would be to share the images directly to your personal device via email or text. From there you can publish the images to any social media account you want.


Do you travel outside of South Florida?
We cover all locations for FREE within Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County. Traveling fees may apply for locations outside this region. Please inquire for more details.