Postcard Inn Wedding Photography

Designer Brides Postcard Inn Wedding in St. Pete. Love it when fashion industry designers and super talented creatives come down from NYC to have a wedding getaway in St. Pete. BTW – West Coast sunsets in Oct & Nov are the best! Tina + Michael were such a blast to work with. Really love their style and choice of venue. Wish there were more places like the Postcard Inn. It’s like a playground for photographers. Oh and did I mention Tina just happens to be wearing a custom Oscar De La Renta dress? I guess that’s one of the perks for working in the biz.

Check out their Postcard Inn Wedding Photos Below:

postcard inn wedding photographypostcard inn wedding photographypostcard inn weddingpostcard inn wedding pictures

So much energy at this wedding especially here.

One of my favorites. I don’t know why?

What a cool way to end the night by sending these lanterns atmosphere. See all examples of Postcard Inn Wedding Photography above.

Ok so a bit more about the St. Pete location and our experience. So the drive from Fort Lauderdale was pretty nice. It’s a straight shot over Alligator Alley from where we live. They say if you’re looking for a party beach go to the east coast of FL but if you’re looking to chill than west coast beaches are the place to be. The vibe you get on the west coast of Florida is totally different. Sunsets are awesome because it actually goes over the water like it does in California. We had the Photo Booth open the night before at a cool restaurant downtown. Got to meet a lot of really nice people just before the wedding in the morning. What can I say it was a good time. Grateful to have met everyone and honored to have captured their wedding story.

Jonathan Connolly is a destination wedding photographer, st pete wedding photographer and beach wedding photographer based out of South Florida. Above you will find examples of our Postcard Inn Wedding Photography. If you’re thinking of having an intimate wedding like this please reach out to us. We’d love to find out more about you and capture your wedding story. It is our passion to serve and inspire others by artistic visual storytelling. You can find out more by checking out our about page, viewing out portfolio or contacting us directly. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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