Lead Generating Email Templates for Wedding Photographers

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Want to automate your email inbox and save time?
Are your inquiries getting buried in your inbox?
Are you missing opportunities by responding to leads too slowly?

These Email Templates will guide you in increasing your chances of booking existing leads, save you money by not searching for new leads, keep your leads from forgetting about you, get your possible clients to finally respond back, improve your customer service, provide insight on exactly why your leads are not booking and give you more confidence to find the right clients!



We’ve been refining our email templates for wedding photographers¬†over the past 10 years. We’ve learned what to do¬†and what not to do. In this package you will receive our very best email templates for converting your email leads into booked photography jobs. This package includes over 20 different variations of email templates you can simply copy/paste and begin using immediately. It also includes a step-by-step video tutorials, organized titling system, list of the tools we utilize as well as bonus strategies we use to get clients off the fence and ready to book.


Initial Welcoming Emails:

Welcome (Wedding & Engagement)
Welcome (Wedding – Skipped Form)
Welcome (All Other Requests)


Date Availability Emails:

Available (Engagement & Portrait)
Available (Local Wedding Lead)
Available (Destination Wedding Lead)
Available (Planner Wedding Lead)
Available (Referred Wedding)
Unavailable (Photographer Referral)


No Feedback Automated Emails:

Timeline Resource
Full Galleries
14 Day Promo (No Meeting)
7 Day Promo (Reminder)
Other service
Final Follow Up


After Meeting Follow Up Emails:

14 Day Promo (After Client Meeting)
14 Day Promo (After Planner Meeting)


Booking Process Emails:

Ready to Book
Send Proposal
Proposal Expired

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