wedding dress ideas for 2018

Must See Wedding Dress Ideas for 2018

Our brides has such incredible taste when it comes to the design of their wedding dress. Picking out a dress has got to be the best part about planning your wedding. We are literally blown away at how amazing our brides look! Here are just a few wedding dress ideas that will hopefully inspire you in your quest for the dress.

Pro Photographer Tip: When we photograph the bride in her dress it’s important for us to show off the detail and texture that can often be overlooked. Since most wedding dresses are white it can be very easy to overexpose the dress leaving out all that beautiful detail. We strive to not make our images too bright or too dark. Finding the right balance of natural light takes years of experience. So when we capture our brides in their wedding dress we make sure to find the softest natural light available.

Check out some of our favorite wedding dress ideas below to see what we mean.

2018 wedding dress ideaswedding dress inspiration

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