Our Story

You always hear of those romantic stories of first time encounters with a soulmate. Like “…the door swung open and there she was!” Somehow, I really wanted a story like this for myself, but it just wasn’t like that. My encounter happened at the most awkward time of my life – The Middle School Era! The time in your life you usually want to forget.

Ok, so where am I going with this… I love to create! It’s just a part of who I am. However, the best things in life have always been those in which I wasn’t anticipating or trying to fabricate. Those moments in life that were organic and purely divine. For the longest time I was trying to create a story that didn’t exist. I was trying to create something that I thought would satisfy me. I was searching and waiting for this imaginary soulmate to appear out of thin air and fulfill all my expectations. But something much different happened…

I finally came to the end of myself and suddenly my eyes were opened and there she was. She was literally always there! The woman I am now married to. And now I have found something much more beautiful than anything I could ever create! A true love story.

We all love hearing how people meet for the first time, how they fell in love, how the guy proposed and how the girl responded but ultimately the greatest story a couple can have is the story of their love for each other on their wedding day. It’s a day when two out of six billion people decide to commit their lives together and become one forever. Those are the days that we live for. Those are the moments where we infuse our art with your true love story.

Major props to the above photo, courtesy of Love Is A Big Deal.

BTW – I’m Jonathan Connolly, a wedding photographer based out of South Florida. I enjoy creating images, of life and love in a way that is usually overlooked. My personality is dry and sarcastic. Before photography I was a graphic designer that made “logos and stuff”. Now, I would consider myself to be an artist who happens to take pictures. I hope my work alone can speak for itself. I am married to Marie, the love of my life and secret weapon to my photography. Together we enjoy taking pictures of people who are in love and true to themselves.

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I Like

Jesus. My wife. Family. Getting packages in the mail. Secret passage ways or hidden compartments. Bursts of energy throughout the day. Time saving systems (if you know any please fill me in). Time. Coffee. Traveling. Arts and crafts. Tree houses. Llamas. Ligers. Making unlikely birds look cool. Being organized. The Office. Making logos and stuff. The magazine section. Blogs. My church. Reading a good book. Letterpress printing and screen printing. Negative space. Light. Jokes that other people don’t find funny. Apple products. Truth. Street art. Canon gear. Typography. Kerning. Obey art. Hot wings. Hot Rod, Anchor Man, Napoleon Dynamite. Time traveling. Dreaming. Chuck Taylors. Collecting posters. Doodling. California. My wedding day. Being married. UFC. Watching an awkward silence moment take place. Motorized scooters. Skate boards. Calculator watches. Cow bell.